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A- Litter

Sire: Matze vom Jura-Grund

Color : Brsch DOB: February 22, 2015

ZB-Nr. 227621 DGStB Nr. 69001

ZR Nr. 131/15-11

Form/Hair. 9/10 Height/Length. 67/68

VJP 74 HZP 220m. sp.

VGP 336 Prize1, UF

HD (A), ED Free, OCD Free, vWD Free,

Dam: Delta vom Berg-Meister

Color: Schwsch DOB: July 3, 2016

Zb-Nr: 232219

ZR Nr : Pending

Form/ Hair 11/12 Height/ Length 58/59

VJP 71

HZP 184

HD (A) Free, vWD Ped. Free,

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