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 Built on   ~ Confidence, Independence, Nose & Desire‚Äč ~


DOB- 01/09/2018

Color -Brsch 


ZR Nr -310/18

Form/ Hair -11/11

 Height/ Length -65/66


HZP- 171


HD (B)- frei

OCD- frei 

ED frei 

vWD -frei

DNA Furnishings  - (FF)

" DUKE  "

Duke, is owned by my good friend John Graham who lives in southern Utah. John reached out to me after his Lab "Hunter" had passed away of old age. John stated he was looking to get a Drahthaar and asked if i'd help. John took Duke home to his family at 8 weeks and gave him some great socialization, knowing he would later leave for training. Duke came to my training facility at 6 months of age ready to start training for the vdd testing system to hopefully prove he would be a great asset to the vdd breeding program. I set goals with John to achieve this with the understanding that during training and the testing requirements, that our breeding goals may not be achievable. 

John (new to vdd) understood this well but also understood in the end, either way he would have a great companion. 

After many days of training and testing we are pleased to add Duke as a vom Ridgeline Stud Dog!

Duke is a very talented and athletic dog. Even as a puppy we were very excited about things we seen him display.

 Duke is confident, independent, quick maturing, bold and game driven. Duke is confident in his nose and works behind it well. Duke is also very confident in the field, water & tracking. Along with his amazing off switch are all reasons we have decided to add Duke to our breeding program. 

We are also excited to see the great attributes he will bring to future pups he sire's. 

 If you are looking for options and would like to know more about Duke or litters he has sired... 

Please feel free to contact me.. 

Roger Kynaston