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Built on  ~ Confidence, Independence, Nose & Desire​ ~

vom Ridgeline Testing Updates

Gypsy vom Ridgeline

(Owned by PJ Pace)

2022 Armbuster 2nd Place Winner

2022 Armbuster Top Field Dog

Duke vom Rock Creek

 Wild West Chapter 2022 Top Scoring Dog & Handler

(Owned by John Graham / Trained & Tested by Roger Kynaston)

2022 VGP Test - 312 Prize 1 TF 4H In Nose

(perfect score)

Lola vom Abendlander

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)

VJP- 70 PTS (tested @ 5 months old)

2021 VJP Testing

All Dogs Tested by Roger Kynaston 

(71-pts) Berlin vom Whittingfeld.. owned by Robert & Lisa Murray 

(70-pts) Ginger vom Rock Creek... owned by vom Ridgeline

(72-pts) Envie vom Ridgeline... owned by vom Ridgeline

(70-pts) Bruno (rip) vom v.d Outlaw... owned by Dwayne Boggs

Envie vom Ridgeline

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)

VJP - 72 PTS (11-Rabbit search)

HZP - 191 PTS  (12-Duck search)

Breed Show 

Form/ Hair 10/10     Height/ Length 60/60

Ginger vom Rock Creek

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)

VJP- 70 pts

(Gauge) Champ vom Ridgeline

(Owned by Wesley Howard 

tested by Roger Kynaston)

VJP - Covid 2020 (VG)

HZP - 191  pts (11 Duck search)

Cruz vom Ridgeline

(Owned and tested by Chad Hansen)

VJP- Covid 2020 (VG)

HZP- 189 pts

Blaze vom Ridgeline

(Owned and tested by Tallon Kynaston)

VJP-Covid 2020 (VG)


Diesel vom Ridgeline

(Owned and tested by Brayden Capson)

VJP-Covid 2020 (VG)

HZP- 171 

Cleo vom Ridgeline

(Owned and tested by Dallan Godfrey)

VJP-Covid 2020 (VG)

HZP- 180

Asha vom Ridgeline

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)


HZP- Testing fall 2019

Breed Show


Duke vom Rock Creek

(Owned by John Graham tested by Roger Kynaston)



Breed Show

Form/Hair  11/11.     Height/ Length 65/66

Berretta ll vom Wasatch

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)



Breed Show

 Form/Hair 10/10     Height/ Length  60/61

Delta vom Berg-Meister

(Owned by vom Ridgeline tested by Roger Kynaston)



Breed Show

Form/Hair 11/12.     Height/ Length 58/59

Jagger vom Red-Rock

(Owned by vom Ridgeline Tested by Roger Kynaston)



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